10 Digital Marketing Tips for Irish eCommerce Stores This Black Friday

Black Friday Top Tips for eCommerce stores

10 Black Friday Digital Marketing Tips for eCommerce Businesses

With Black Friday fast approaching, it’s time to consider how your business can make the most of this opportunity to raise your profile and increase your profits. In this article, we’ll share our Black Friday digital marketing tips to help you consider your options and achieve the outcomes you want. Read on for ten top tips to maximise your potential on Black Friday, and find out which will make all the difference for your business.

Black Friday promotions are available with most online retailers and it’s important to ensure you’re not left behind. We want to ensure that all Irish eCommerce stores can get involved, so get in touch to see how we can help. We can help you to find the best ways to engage with this marketing trend and create Black Friday deals that ensure you don’t miss the chance to get your business out there!

Black Friday

1 – Tailor your Google Ad Headlines and Descriptions to include Black Friday – and Pin them!

Google Search Ads are designed so that you can make easy changes and updates to your headlines and descriptions.  You can create headlines, and descriptions that mention Black Friday deals and link to your campaigns, and this is a great way to refresh your online presence and draw in a wider target audience with timely offers. Remember to pin some of your Black Friday headlines and descriptions to ensure they show up in your responsive search ad campaigns.

If you are overwhelmed by Google business tools, the great news is that we can manage the whole digital advertising process for you. We’ll talk with you to understand your Black Friday marketing strategies and then we’ll take care of all the details so that you see improvements in your outcomes immediately. Taking the time to maximise the potential of your Google advertising can have a big impact on your marketing success and create the leads and sales you want.

Google Ads Pinned Headlines

2 – Use Google Ads Promo Extensions

Google Ads Promo Extensions is a great tool for special occasions such as Black Friday. It allows you to share your discount code, best Black Friday deals or marketing campaign across your platforms, including PPC (pay-per-click) Google Advertising search campaigns. It’s all about tailoring your online presence to reflect your Black Friday marketing deals, raising your profile and sharing with a wider demographic.

Online sales take place all the time, and making sure your business stands out from the crowd can be challenging, especially on special dates such as the Black Friday sales. Tools like Google Ads Promo Extensions can make a big difference in your click-through rate and ensure that your ad stands out to your target audience. Specific ad campaigns to develop your online presence here can lead not only to increased sales for your Black Friday event but also to new loyal customers who will return to your website again and again throughout the holiday shopping season.

Black Friday Promo Extensions

3 – Send a Black Friday Email Campaign

Email marketing is an enduring form of advertising that gives great returns in comparison with other methods of connecting with your audience. You’ll need an eye-catching email subject line and a relevant message, including links to any Black Friday deals you are offering. Email marketing campaigns are ideal for building connections and you should aim to get your readers involved and engaged in your offering.

Email marketing works because it reaches out to people who have already engaged with your business – and running a promotion or competition to increase your mailing list is an excellent way to grow your reach here. However, you need to keep up the momentum by producing engaging, well-written content that appeals to your readers, perhaps introducing special incentives for returning customers, such as free shipping or a gift.

Black Friday email Example

4 – Use a Countdown Timer on your Website

A countdown timer creates a sense of urgency and reminds your website visitors that your special deals are time-limited. It’s a simple way to drive interest in your special promotions and will make viewers feel that they are lucky to be offered the opportunity to benefit from the offers you make during this short time window. We recommend short ‘deal windows’ that encourage speedy purchases and give buyers the sense that they have secured a real bargain by showing up at the right time.

Black Friday deals are limited, by the nature of the event, to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, although some businesses create a full shopping weekend event and some offer deals in the days running up to Black Friday. The first step is to decide what you will offer and how you will make this appealing to your new customers, and then choose the time limit that will apply and let your customers know. Feeling that they are getting an authentic deal will make all the difference to purchasers, so it’s worth considering all angles when you are planning your Black Friday strategy.

black friday countdown

5 -Update your Homepage to Make Deals Prominent

Black Friday is a good opportunity to change up your website and draw in more traffic, especially when you highlight the time-limited deals you are offering. You can add banners and headlines to your homepage, and link to specific offers, or even create an additional landing page where you bring all of your deals together and draw attention to them.

The aim is to ensure that your website offers the very best Black Friday shopping experience to your audience, so bringing all the special offers and opportunities together in one place is a useful way to streamline the process. Online retailers who make use of high-quality images and videos on their homepages are likely to notice the uptick in sales on Black Friday itself and can then make strategic marketing decisions to ensure that this is carried through into the holiday season.

Irwins Black Friday Homepage
source: Irwins Megastore

6 – Vary your Creative Content on Social Media Platforms

It’s always worth making the most of your creative content across all social media platforms and you can talk to us about making the right impact at any time of the year. On Black Friday, however, you have the chance to boost your engagement and sales by adding specific creative content that relates to the occasion. You can use carousels, images and video, and these do not need huge investments to be successful. Concise, striking posts that draw the eye are very effective and can funnel traffic to your website and lead directly to conversions, so don’t be afraid to step out of the box and try something new.

Working with professional content writers to create stand-out content that is free of errors and written for SEO is a worthwhile investment as it raises the quality of your content across all platforms. Even if you have not tried this before, it is worth commissioning some content, especially for the Black Friday period and this may help you to decide whether it will be a good strategy for your business going forward. Social media marketing is an area in which there is almost always room for improvement, and we can help you to make the most of your engagement across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn.

O'Dwyers Black Friday Post
source: O’Dwyers Pharmacy, Cashel

7 – Create Minimum Spend Rewards

We’re all familiar with the special offer that gives a discount or free shipping when you spend a certain amount in an e-commerce store. It creates a pulse-racing moment of satisfaction, knowing that you will be getting a bargain if you can reach the minimum spend. Adding offers such as this to your website ahead of Black Friday will encourage your customers to buy additional products and look for more bargains to benefit from these deals. A gift is another possibility, with the option to select the gift your customer would prefer as they check out.

You could consider offering promotions such as early access for loyal customers, or a gift or free shipping when online shoppers meet a minimum spending limit. If you’ve noticed that your average order value is low, a minimum spend that offers a reward can be a great way to turn this around. Be sure to plan your deals carefully – offering free shipping without a minimum spend could be an expensive option, for instance, and putting a minimum spend in place to qualify is often a great way to boost sales.

free shipping

8 – Create a Black Friday Gift Guide Blog

Smart businesses get ahead of the Black Friday rush by preparing in advance and drawing potential customers in. Black Friday Gift Guides are an excellent way to connect with your audience and promote the deals you are planning to offer. Whether you are a small business looking to promote other small businesses mutually or you are a big online presence looking to maximise your impact, highlighting exclusive discounts for the forthcoming Black Friday weekend will attract customers and boost sales.

To create a gift guide, you could select product categories to focus on or give a rundown of the best bargains out there. You may wish to mention only your products or introduce others that your target audience may be interested in, perhaps to entice your Black Friday shoppers to consider making bigger ticket purchases. A gift guide will be popular with search engines and help to attract more traffic to your website, so it’s a really good way to engage with the concept of Black Friday.

christmas list


9 – Display Quantity Level when Stock is Low

The key to making your Black Friday marketing strategy successful is in finding ways to make your customers feel like they are getting a fantastic bargain. One simple way to do this is to have your stock level displayed when stock is low, showing your customers that these are genuine offers and that they can secure themselves a great deal if they buy before stock runs out.

It’s crucial to decide what your top Black Friday deals will be and to focus your efforts on making these appealing to your shoppers. Take the time to consider stock levels and how an awareness of these may influence decision-making, and work with us to make the most of this and other Black Friday marketing strategies.

low stock

10 – Run a Competition

Competitions are a good way to draw in new customers and get your audience to interact with you. The best competitions will be run across several social media platforms and will give participants the chance to win something highly desirable and encourage them to engage with your business. Competitions tend to highlight the best things about your business and will encourage repeat purchases, and if you run a competition that asks for feedback and user-generated content, you’ll also spread your social media reach.

A competition that asks entrants to share your posts or tag others in them can bring a lot of new interest in your business and it’s an easy way to promote your Black Friday sale, too. Have a look at what your competitors are offering and design a Black Friday campaign that builds on the most successful elements of other competitions you have seen online. We can help you to make sure your campaign.

christmas gift giving


Make the most of Black Friday with ePresence

A Black Friday sale is an excellent opportunity to spread your brand reach and connect with new potential customers, and we will help you to make the most of the tools and strategies available to you. We know digital marketing inside out and we can help to create the perfect balance across your social media profiles and your website so that your Black Friday marketing strategies stand out from the crowd.

Talk to us to find out how we can work together to ensure your Black Friday promotions are seen by all the right people, and we’ll make sure that your online store is ready for the shopping frenzy. Whether you want to grow your mailing list, increase social media engagement or increase sales, we can help you to prepare for special events such as Black Friday, or work on your marketing strategies to improve your online presence all year round.

Take your Digital Marketing to the Next Level with ePresence

If you are looking to expand your business, reach more customers and improve the impact of your marketing, ePresence can help. We will work with you to understand your business needs, challenges and goals. Our Digital Marketing Agency in Cork and Kerry is an experienced and results-driven organisation serving companies and national brands throughout Munster and all of Ireland. We will help lighten your load and provide access to our quality digital marketing team. Get in touch with us today on +353 (0)21 2362901 or email us on info@epresence.ie.

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