A recent report from Kelly Services looked at the impact of Social Media in the Workplace. A few interesting facts for companies:


  • 29% of employees felt that it was important for theiremployer to have a social media presence. What does this mean for companies who are looking to recruit? Will candidates see you as not be progressive if you don’t have a professional Social Media presence?
  • 24% believe it is OK to use Social Media for personal use at work. Do you have Social Media policies and guidelines to let your employees know what is and is not acceptable. It’s worth noting that this issue will continue to grow. Looking at the worldwide statistics the younger generations in general find it more acceptable.
  • Between 36% and 48% use their Social Networks when making career/employment decisions – prefessional and technical working being particularly high. Do you know what Social Networks are saying about your company when prospects go looking?


Click to view full size infographic

Click to view full size infographic

Overall I believe that these statistics reinforce the fact that Social Technologies are not just about sales and marketing – but are becoming an integral part of all aspects of the business. Companies who do not have a clear Social Technology Strategy and clear Social Media Policies will run into trouble.


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Full report can be found on the Kelly Services website – http://www.kellyservices.ie/IE/Business-Services/Executive-Corner/Kelly-Global-Workforce-Index/