The Key To 15 Years of Business Success – Keeping It Human

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Cork Digital Marketing Agency Director John Brennan Reflects On The Importance Of Keeping It Human, Even If The Future Is AI.

John Brennan, Director and Digital Marketing Consultant of ePresence says the key to the digital marketing agency’s success is human connection.

“As we celebrate our 15-year milestone, it’s only fitting we reflect on what has truly driven our success. While we’ve always been at the forefront of digital innovations, we understand the irreplaceable value of human connection.”, says Brennan.

“The ever-evolving digital landscape has, without a doubt, revolutionised the way Irish businesses and consumers interact. Yet, in the rush to automate and digitise, many companies risk losing the personal connections that foster trust and loyalty.”

“You only need to look at the number of small Irish businesses that survived the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions to understand how powerful digital and social media marketing is for them. Would they have survived without access to digital tools that allowed them to connect directly – often in real-time – with their customers and communities? Probably not.” suggests Brennan.

Recognising this gap early on in the business, ePresence has always focused on bridging the digital divide by intertwining human values with cutting-edge digital strategies. This ‘Keeping it Human’ philosophy underscores ePresence’s dedication to personalised digital strategies. “We help the companies we work with marry the best of technology with the timeless values of genuine interaction”, adds Mr Brennan. “We like to think of ePresence as
a digital marketing leader with a heart.

With regard to digital marketing in a time of AI, Brennan is excited about the possibilities AI presents when integrated with the human element. “Emotions and real-life experiences are what sell. The human ability to connect through emotions is unique. AI can help us better predict customer behaviour and anticipate their needs. This means that marketing can become more empathetic, efficient, and customer-centric, harnessing the power of AI to enhance, rather than replace, the authentic human connection.”

Looking ahead to the future of digital marketing, Brennan predicts a larger lean toward consumer-led ethical standards and a greater emphasis on personalisation and user experience.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the digital privacy and ethical issues associated with online activities. High-profile data breaches, scandals involving tech companies, and media coverage have raised awareness and concerns among the public. “Digital marketers and business owners need to keep in mind the impact this could have for them”, says Brennan. “This is the number one threat to any business’s online reputation. Customers simply won’t
trust brands that don’t value their privacy.”

“Moreover, personalisation and user experience will play pivotal roles, as businesses strive to provide tailored, meaningful interactions. By harnessing AI and data-driven insights, brands will enhance user experiences, delivering content and services that resonate with individual preferences, thereby fostering stronger customer relationships and brand loyalty.”

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John Brennan

John Brennan is director of ePresence Internet Marketing. He is an experienced management consultant, specialising in Digital Marketing, Business Development, Product Development and Innovation Management. Owner/director of ePresence, John also lectures in Digital Advertising and Analytics at Cork Institute of Technology. John has an Electronic Engineering Degree from Cork Institute of Technology, MBA from University College Cork and Executive Training at Kellogg Business School, Chicago. Before setting up ePresence, John held various roles such as Software Engineer, Director of Engineering, Director of Product and Program Management, Vice President of Product Development and General Manager in world leading organisations such as Apple, IBM, Snap-on Inc. and FMC. John combines his technology know-how, management experience and customer focus to help his clients achieve online success.

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