ChatGPT in eCommerce – how to use the potential of the tool?

ChatGPT in eCommerce

The eCommerce industry is extremely competitive, so every company wants to increase its sales and reach as many customers as possible. For this purpose, many companies use various tools and technologies when developing their eCommerce platform, and ChatGPT is one of them. This innovative language model developed by OpenAI can significantly improve sales processes and customer service, as well as many other aspects related to running an online store. Check how to use the potential of ChatGPT in eCommerce to increase sales and improve the customer experience.


15 ways to use ChatGPT in your online store

ChatGPT is a tool using artificial intelligence that can generate content based on a given context and correctly answer the questions asked. By directing appropriate referrals to it, you can save time on activities related to running an online store, such as creating product descriptions, data analysis or responding to customer reviews. Check out the 15 most useful uses of ChatGPT in the eCommerce industry.



Market and competition research are activities that allow you to successfully run an online business. However, the challenge for many entrepreneurs is to collect enough information and process it appropriately. That is why modern tools such as ChatGPT are increasingly used, which can support market research or competition analysis for eCommerce stores.

With ChatGPT, you can quickly and effectively collect information about your customer’s purchasing behaviour and product preferences. The ability to analyse data from various sources and detect trends in a given industry also allows for a better understanding of the market and tailoring the offer to the needs of customers. Using ChatGPT, you can also analyse the activities of your competition, e.g. collect information about their product offer and marketing strategies.

The use of ChatGPT can significantly improve the process of obtaining and processing data. Thanks to this, entrepreneurs can react faster to changing customer needs and adapt their marketing strategies to the prevailing market situation. Of course, ChatGPT will not replace specialists, if only because its knowledge is based on data collected until 2021, but it can partially shorten their working time.

See an example query that you can direct to ChatGPT to perform market and competition analysis for your business:

Market and competition analysis in the ChatGPT tool
Market and competition analysis in the ChatGPT tool



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Target group analysis is a key element of an effective marketing strategy for an eCommerce store. Thanks to it, you can better understand the needs, preferences and expectations of potential customers, which allows you to adjust the offer and the way it is presented to the customers’ requirements. For this purpose, it is worth using the ChatGPT tool, which is very good at analysing the target group for specific businesses.

ChatGPT has the ability to analyse customer-generated content across platforms such as social media, online forums, and product reviews. Thanks to this, it can provide you with opinions and suggestions regarding products and their promotions. Using ChatGPT, you can also learn about your customers’ shopping preferences – what products they most often choose and what information they look for online. This will allow you to optimise the offer and presentation of products, as well as create educational and guide content that will be useful to your recipients.

See an example command that you can direct to ChatGPT to receive an analysis of your store’s target audience:

Target group analysis in the ChatGPT tool
Target group analysis in the ChatGPT tool



Businesses in the eCommerce industry often operate with huge amounts of data, and in order to extract its value, they must properly analyse it. This is time-consuming work that usually requires the involvement of data analysis specialists. This is where ChatGPT can help them with some basic tasks, such as searching for datasets in open sources, writing simple code for data analysis, etc. ChatGPT can also be good at data structuring – it is able to sort information and add it to the tables. While it may be too early to rely entirely on such an AI model, it could be a significant time saver for experts who constantly work with data.

Check out what query you can enter into ChatGPT to analyse and structure your data:

Analysis and structuring of data in the ChatGPT tool
Analysis and structuring of data in the ChatGPT tool



The use of ChatGPT can help SEO specialists find keywords that are necessary for the content posted on the eCommerce store website. The tool will also be useful to Google Ads specialists who use key phrases to create ads. Instead of doing a manual search, you can select your main keywords or topic and then ask ChatGPT for additional keywords that can be used in your marketing strategy.

See how you can do keyword analysis with ChatGPT:

Keyword analysis in the ChatGPT tool
Keyword analysis in the ChatGPT tool



Creating effective meta tags, in particular titles, significantly affects the position of an eCommerce store in Google search results. Tools such as ChatGPT can greatly facilitate the process of creating titles that attract the attention of customers and at the same time are good for SEO. The ChatGPT algorithm is also able to analyse user behaviour and preferences to provide title suggestions that will effectively grab the attention of potential customers. In addition, this tool can also help you improve and optimise existing titles, thanks to which you will successfully improve your visibility in the Google search engine and attract new customers.

Check out what query you can use to get title ideas in ChatGPT:

Generating SEO titles in the ChatGPT tool
Generating SEO titles in the ChatGPT tool



Running an online store involves working on a lot of different content marketing. These can be newsletters, product descriptions on your website or social media posts. Such texts are always worth checking to avoid errors that may be noticed by users. Regardless of whether you create content yourself or outsource it to copywriters, it may require a slight correction. ChatGPT can help you with this task, thanks to which you can quickly and effectively correct texts, especially if you are not sure of spelling or grammar (this will be especially helpful in content in a language other than your native language). ChatGPT uses artificial intelligence to analyse text and point out corrections, so you can save a lot of time and resources. For this reason, the use of ChatGPT is not only convenient but also allows you to improve the quality of written texts.

To proofread text in ChatGPT, you can apply the query: Behave like an experienced proofreader. Check the correctness of this text and suggest corrections: (paste text here).

Proofreading of texts in the ChatGPT tool
Proofreading of texts in the ChatGPT tool



An online store often requires the creation of a large number of unique product descriptions, which are very time-consuming to write. It also happens that we simply lack the inspiration to create another, original description that will meet the needs of customers and encourage them to buy. In such a situation, ChatGPT will be great, as it is able to create a valuable product description based on a few data. To get high-quality, informative content, submit as much information as possible about your specific offer to the tool – the more details, the better the tool will respond. However, remember that ChatGPT is only a support tool, always validate the content before using it on your site.

To generate a product description in ChatGPT, you can use the command: Behave like an experienced copywriter. Create a description of the product: (product name) based on its specification: (details about the product).

Creating product descriptions in the ChatGPT tool
Creating product descriptions in the ChatGPT tool



FAQ for a section that should be dedicated to every new product page or blog article. It is not only a search result for customers, it is also a great support for SEO. Thanks to ChatGPT tools, you can easily and quickly create a FAQ section that will be the answer to the most frequently asked questions by your customers. ChatGPT uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to provide precise and comprehensive answers to your questions. In this way, your customers will have quick and easy access to information, thanks to which you will gain a reputation as a professional and helpful seller.

See what the FAQs section created by ChatGPT looks like:

Creating FAQs section in the ChatGPT tool
Creating FAQs section in the ChatGPT tool



Running a blog is very beneficial for eCommerce store owners, but finding new, popular topics can sometimes be problematic. The topics of blog articles should focus on interesting content related to the industry that will attract the attention of customers and encourage them to buy. For this purpose, it is worth using tools such as ChatGPT, which allow you to generate ideas for blog content based on the interests and needs of your target group and content that already exists on the web.

ChatGPT is a tool that can generate content from various fields. Thanks to this, it is able to propose interesting and innovative topics for blog articles for eCommerce. It is enough to give him a few keywords related to the subject of the online store, and after a while, you will receive a list of ideas for articles that can attract the attention of potential customers.

See how ChatGPT handles such a task:

Creating blog ideas in the ChatGPT tool
Creating blog ideas in the ChatGPT tool



Creating social media posts is an extremely important aspect of eCommerce marketing. However, writing effective posts that will attract customers’ attention and encourage them to buy takes time, creativity and knowledge of audience preferences. In that case, tools like ChatGPT can be invaluable.

ChatGPT is perfect for creating engaging content for social media platforms and marketing campaigns. A good example is launching a new product on the market and using ChatGPT to create a promotional post. We will receive, in a simple way, a post that will convincingly show the customer the key features and advantages of the product. In addition, ChatGPT puts emoticons in the content, which definitely increases the attractiveness of the post.

ChatGPT will also help us create a catchy caption for a photo related to your business or products.

See what an Instagram post created by ChatGPT looks like:

Creating social media post in the ChatGPT tool
Creating social media posts in the ChatGPT tool



Creating effective customer emails is a real challenge, especially in the eCommerce industry. The good news is that with the ChatGPT tool, you can make your work much easier and increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. ChatGPT uses the latest achievements in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, thanks to which it can quickly and easily create email content that will be ideally suited to the needs and expectations of your customers. What’s more, ChatGPT allows you to personalise content, which increases the chances of the recipient’s interest in your offer. With this tool, you can create content for the newsletter for customers, templates of messages sent after the purchase or the so-called ‘cold mailing’.

See what message you can use to generate the content of an email addressed to your customers:

Creating email message in the ChatGPT tool
Creating email messages in the ChatGPT tool



With ChatGPT you can get short summaries of long articles or reports and other content found on the internet. This will help you evaluate the value of the text and extract the most important information from the article without having to read it. This is helpful for online stores that are looking for new trends in their industry or want to better understand the online sales report. Thanks to this tool, you can also shorten the extensive content that you have created, so that it is clearer and more digestible for the recipients.

If you want to get a summary of some text found on the Internet, you cannot send a link to ChatGPT with the command: Please provide a summary of the article located at this link: (link e.g.

That would be the answer:

Creating summary of long content from link in the ChatGPT tool
Creating a summary of long content from the link in the ChatGPT tool

However, if you want the tool to shorten your text, add it to the query, which may sound like this: Behave like a content marketer. Shorten this text to make it clearer and more consistent: (text).

Creating summary of long content in the ChatGPT tool
Creating a summary of long content in the ChatGPT tool



If you are selling online, you are sure to receive reviews from users who have interacted with your brand or purchased your product. Responding to positive and negative feedback is essential to building a positive brand image and user experience. Even the most negative review may not look so bad if you show interest and your response shows that you are ready to listen to the customer’s point of view and correct your mistakes.

ChatGPT can help you create an accurate and secure response to any review in the e-commerce industry. The algorithm uses natural language processing to analyse customer feedback and generate responses that are tailored to the context and tone of feedback. Thanks to such a strategy, you can improve communication and increase the satisfaction of your customers.

To get an idea for a response to a customer review, paste the content of the feedback and ask ChatGPT to respond to it according to the nature and context.

Creating response to customer feedback in the ChatGPT tool
Creating response to customer feedback in the ChatGPT tool



Responding to customer emails is one of the most common tasks performed by eCommerce entrepreneurs. This is quite a time-consuming task, especially when the online store has a large sales volume. In this case, tools that automate the process of generating responses may prove invaluable. ChatGPT can also offer assistance in responding to emails in the same way as for user reviews. It can reduce the time spent answering questions by creating relevant content that is useful in conversation with the customer.

So instead of wasting your time writing standard email clichés, you can write the main points an email should contain (e.g. message subject, recipient’s name, etc.) and ChatGPT will give you the text you can copy and send to your client. You can also send him the content of the received message and he will generate a tailored response for you.

ChatGPT learns from huge datasets, allowing it to deliver responses within seconds that are fully consistent and sound natural. However, it must be remembered that the content generated by it is not always grammatically and stylistically correct, so you should check it before sending it to the client.

Creating response to customer email in the ChatGPT tool
Creating responses to customer emails in the ChatGPT tool



Landing page testing is a key step in the conversion optimization process for eCommerce stores. For this purpose, the use of modern tools and technologies can be extremely helpful. One such tool is ChatGPT. By using this tool to generate content ideas and other elements of your landing page, you can save a lot of time and effort that is usually spent creating page variants for A/B testing manually. ChatGPT can generate many different proposals, which you can then adapt to the individual needs of the online store. Thanks to this, you are able to easily test various solutions and choose the optimal version of the website that brings the best sales results.

See a message example that you can use to generate landing page ideas for A/B testing:

Creating landing pages ideas in the ChatGPT tool
Creating landing pages ideas in the ChatGPT tool



The use of ChatGPT in eCommerce can bring many benefits, both for entrepreneurs and customers. Data analysis, creating product descriptions or creating responses to customer feedback are just some of the advantages of using this tool. In the era of increasing competition in the eCommerce market, the use of innovative technologies may turn out to be crucial for business success. ChatGPT is undoubtedly one of the tools worth using to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of online sales. is an advanced conversational chatbot powered by the ChatGPT API. Chat GPT is currently the most powerful AI in the world, capable of discussing any topic and has achieved good marks in many university and professional tests.

The technology behind Chat GPT is the latest generation of models from the GPT family. GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformers, which are a type of neural network architecture capable of generating data in a consistent manner by predicting the probability of repetition of a text string (token) in a sentence. This means that the algorithm is not limited to text and can be used to generate images (e.g. Stable Diffusion), music and recently also video.

This system gained attention for its ability to generate text comparable to human-created content. Development of GPT-3 began in 2018 with an initial version of its natural language processing model. Through constant adjustments, this model has expanded to over 175 billion parameters.

The use of Chat GPT is currently open and free as Chat GPT is in the research and feedback phase.


The Progression of ChatGPT

In March 2023, just a few months after the release of ChatGPT, OpenAI published and almost immediately released GPT-4 as an even more powerful version of the conversational algorithm capable of a context window of 8k to 32k tokens. To give you an idea, 32K tokens is about 50 pages of text, enough to start thinking about real books generated by AI. But it is not everything.

Pictures…yes! Until now, algorithms such as DALL-E and Stable Diffusion generated images at an initial resolution of 64×64 pixels (about 4000 tokens), and then the images were upsampled to a resolution of 512 or 1024, but they were not original, so they often appeared artificial. An algorithm like GPT-4 has the necessary computing power to produce images up to about 180×180 pixels, much more than the 64 previous algorithms. This novelty can significantly improve the generation of photos and videos (which are nothing more than a series of interpolated photo frames).

Like any AI technology, Chat GPT has some limitations that should be considered when using it. Some of these restrictions include:

  • Data bias: GPT chat is trained on a huge amount of textual data which may contain biases and stereotypes that may be reflected in the generated text. It is important to be aware of this and evaluate the generated text carefully to ensure that it is fair and accurate.
  • Consistency and Consistency: While Chat GPT is designed to generate human-like text, it is not always able to maintain consistency and consistency over long conversations or complex tasks. In some cases, the generated text may be difficult to understand or may not follow logically from the previous text.
  • Open-ended tasks: GPT chat is best suited to generating text in response to specific prompts, but may struggle with open-ended tasks that require creativity or imagination. In these cases, the generated text may not be as relevant or interesting as human-generated text.
  • Sensitive Topics: Chat GPT is a machine-learning model and does not have the same ethical or moral considerations as humans. As a result, it may generate text that is offensive, inappropriate or insensitive if given certain hints. It is important to use Chat GPT responsibly and carefully review the generated text to ensure it is appropriate for your intended audience.


This article is a guide to Chat GPT, an AI chatbot created by OpenAI. The article explains what Chat GPT is, how it works and how to use it. Chat GPT is a chatbot with a language model that uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like responses to text inputs in a conversational way. This is one example of generative AI, a tool that allows users to enter written prompts and receive new human-like text or AI-generated images and videos.

Personally, I have a slight concern that employers will not want to use this tool and replace some professionals. The tool, despite the test phase, seems to meet the expectations of many people.

Jason DeBolt, an Amazon employee tweeted “Ok this is scary. @OpenAI’s ChatGPT can generate hundreds of lines of Python code to do multipart uploads of 100 GB files to an AWS S3 bucket from the phrase “Write Python code to upload a file to an AWS S3 bucket”.

This means that in terms of programming, artificial intelligence is already at a very high level.


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