Marketing for Millennials

marketing for Millenials

Millennials are today’s 30- and 40-year-olds, who are the largest audience for online brands.

Contrary to the previous Y generation, they prefer online contact and are willing to use the amenities of civilization. So how to reach the millennial generation and what strategies and marketing channels to use to persuade this large group of recipients to buy and choose your offer? Let’s check effective actions that will appeal to the generation growing up at the turn of the millennium.

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Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are a group of people born between 1981 and 1996. In 2023, people aged 27 to 42. Millennials grew up at the turn of the millennium and were brought up in an era of rapid technological development, which influenced their way of thinking, behaviour and consumer preferences. This is the first generation that experienced access to the internet in their childhood or early adolescence, and they also gained ease of travel. What characteristics are attributed to members of the millennial generation?

  • Self-reliance and independence – Millennials often strive for self-realization and fulfilling their passions, which affects their approach to work and private life.
  • Openness to diversity – members of the Y generation are usually tolerant and open to cultural, social and sexual diversity, which affects their consumer preferences and choice of products.
  • Activity in social media – millennials are a group raised on social media (Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok).
  • Environmental awareness – Millennials are often aware of the threats related to climate change and environmental protection, which affects their consumer decisions and preferences for organic products.
  • The need for authenticity – Millennials often seek authenticity and authentic experiences, which affects their approach to brands and products and their shopping preferences.


In the context of online marketing, Millennials are an important target group for many companies, because they are the ones who most often use online communication channels and make purchasing decisions based on information found on the internet. According to various estimates, representatives of the Y generation currently make up about 30% of the population, which is why the message is directed to them by companies around the world.


Traditional forms of advertising, popular in Generation X (Baby Boomers), do not work with Millennials. They, like the next generation Z, are looking for authenticity, and television, radio or signboards, leaflets, etc do not provide this. The high social and environmental awareness of this generation means that its members expect something more from brands. Their main tool of communication and even work is a smartphone, which means that brands must turn to online and mobile advertising, abandoning traditional forms. However, there are exceptions – major sporting events broadcast on TV can be a great opportunity to advertise to the Y generation. Most brands, however, are leaning towards online activities. Let’s check what marketing strategies to use and how to communicate with representatives of Millennials online to increase their engagement.


What marketing channels do Millennials value? Which marketing platforms should you develop to reach your target group of 30- and 40-year-olds?

  • Search engine advertising – it is worth investing in advertising on Google, which allows you to effectively reach potential customers who are looking for specific products and services.
  • Social media – this is the main communication channel for Millennials, so it is worth investing in advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn or Twitter. Social media allows you to personalize your ads and target them to a specific group of recipients.
  • YouTube – is a platform where you can publish promotional videos, video tutorials or recordings of meetings with influencers. Thanks to this, you can build engagement around the brand and increase customer loyalty.
  • Email marketing – is an effective method of communication with the customer, allowing to provide valuable content, and information about promotions and offers, as well as enabling direct contact with the customer.
  • Blogs and websites – it is worth creating valuable content that will attract the attention of millennials and encourage them to visit the website. Thanks to this, you can build trust in the brand and increase the chances of conversion.
  • Influencer marketing – Millennials often use advice and recommendations from well-known influencers (brand ambassadors), so it is worth using their popularity to promote products and services.
  • Mobile applications – this is a channel that is gaining popularity among Millennials, so it is worth creating a mobile application that will be tailored to the needs and preferences of this group of recipients.


What marketing strategies will work when engaging Generation Y? Millennials don’t like to feel like you’re selling them anything, so you should focus your efforts on a different goal: attracting Millennials to your brand. Below you will find 10 effective marketing strategies on how to do it.

  1. Be authentic

    Millennials want to buy products they believe in, from brands they believe in too. Authenticity works for communicating with any generation, but studies show that Millennials value authenticity the most (even more than Gen Z). At the same time, representatives of this generation say that few brands base their activities on authenticity. So how to build it in the minds of members of Generation Y?

    • Make sure that your website, social media or advertisements include user-generated content, especially their opinions and testimonials.
    • Take care of your brand’s presence in social media – stay in constant contact with your audience, actively respond to messages and comments, and invest in influencer marketing.
    • Avoid swamping your audience with unclear messages. Conduct segmentation of the target group and adjust messages to the needs of individual groups.
    • Be transparent – if you want to gain the trust of Generation Y, describe on the product page what makes up the final price of the product.
    • Show the values that are close to you, e.g. by supporting specific foundations, associations or ideas (e.g. donating part of your income to specific ecological activities).
  2. Take care of the mobile experience of Millennials

    The oldest millennials were teenagers when the first mobile phones appeared, so they are used to communicating via mobile devices. This generation is twice as likely to watch movies and video ads on smartphones as TV ads. This means that you need to reach the Y generation where its members are, i.e. on social media or the YouTube platform.

  3. Highlight your brand values

    According to research, as many as 83% of Millennials check whether their values are consistent with brands when interacting with them. For representatives of the Y generation to verify this, you as a company must brag about your values and emphasise them in communication on social media and other channels. Thanks to this, your recipients will feel that they are spending money on a valuable product and choose a brand consistent with their way of perceiving the world. You can present your values on social media, on the website on the ‘About us’ page, where you can tell what ideas are close to you.

  4. Work on positive customer experiences

    Millennials as a generation are not attached to things – experiences are much more important to them. This is why 65% of Millennials spend their savings on travel and expanding their horizons. Thus, you need to ensure that your recipients feel good on your website or social media and remember the experience with your brand. They may concern the functionality of the website as well as contact with customer service. Therefore, ensure good after-sales service, quick contact and efficient problem-solving.

  5. Offer immediate value

    Millennials are a group of recipients accustomed to fast and dynamic experiences. For many years, they have been shopping online in minutes, with delivery within 24 hours. They don’t leave the house to watch a movie, chat with friends or eat at the best restaurant. They do everything online. If you want to capture their attention and engagement, you need to follow the trend and provide immediate value. You can do this by:

    • same-day shipping for orders by a certain time
    • delivery within 24 hours
    • implementation of live chat and robots to handle customer inquiries
    • respond to messages within 24 hours (in different channels – e-mail or social media)
  6. Bet on modern content marketing

    Content marketing has grown and developed with the millennial generation. With its help, you can build the image of an expert, as well as strengthen the loyalty of users and encourage them to interact and convert. Millennials appreciate above all:

    • comprehensive guides, summaries and reports
    • practical e-books
    • behind-the-scenes photos and videos
    • useful infographics
    • attractive product video presenting the functionalities and advantages of products
    • video reviews

    Millennials believe in the power of images, confirming that it means more than 1000 words. In the context of content, it is also worth focusing on two-way communication and the involvement of the recipient. Among the most popular brands, some competitions allow the winner to take over the brand’s social media for one day or spend a day in a given company and see its work from the inside out. Many companies combine such activities with charity campaigns.

  7. Run your blog

    Brands that don’t regularly post on their blog, and their last blog posts are from 2019, may not enjoy much trust among Millennials. The blog has many useful functions, supporting the involvement of recipients. According to Hubspot data, good content on a blog can increase the number of users on the site by over 55%. In this way, you also support the positioning of the website or store. This is equally important in the context of marketing to Millennials because over 50% of them ignore brands that do not appear in high positions in Google searches.

  8. Be innovative

    Many successful companies in the 21st century have launched a product or solution that no one had heard of before. Amazon has taken online shopping to another level, BlaBlaCar has taught us ride-sharing, and cleaning robots have changed the way we keep our homes clean. If you want to be successful and reach hundreds or even thousands of Millennials, think about what you can do to make your product or service surprising and consumers willing to invest in and talk about it.

  9. Be socially involved

    Millennials are a group of recipients who are often involved in various types of social initiatives and expect their favourite brands to act in a socially responsible manner. Therefore, to attract the attention of Millennials, it is worth showing that our company is involved in various social initiatives and is socially responsible. This can be done by organising charity events, supporting pro-environmental activities or engaging in initiatives for equality and diversity. It is also worth engaging millennials in branding by encouraging them to participate in social campaigns or other activities where they have a chance to influence branding. Thanks to this, you can build a strong community around the brand and gain loyal customers.

  10. Invest in inbound marketing for Millennials

    Inbound marketing is a strategy of attracting customers by offering them valuable content that is related to a given product or service, and then converting it into customers through the appropriate sales process. For Millennials, inbound marketing is particularly effective because it is an audience that is sceptical of traditional forms of advertising and values a personal approach. Millennials want to make their own choices and are much more free to access information about products and services that interest them.

    Therefore, to attract the attention of Millennials, it is worth investing in creating valuable content and providing them with easy access to this content. This can be done through social media advertising campaigns, advertisements on websites and other online channels that will attract the attention of potential customers and direct them to the company’s website. On the website, it is worth placing a landing page with an offer that will respond to the needs and interests of Millennials. The landing page should be visually attractive, legible and, above all, contain a clear and understandable message.

    It is important to encourage Millennials to leave their contact information in exchange for valuable content such as an e-book, online course or free consultation. In the later sales process, it is worth using an individual approach to the customer and being guided by his needs and preferences. It is worth using the automation of sales processes, e.g. through CRM tools, to ensure effective communication with the customer and increase the chances of conversion.


Communicating with Millennials on Social Media requires an approach that takes their preferences and online behaviour into account. So how do you ensure that the Millennials are willing to engage with your brand?

  • Be credible and authentic – Millennials value honesty and authenticity in communication. Try to avoid artificial or forced advertising messages and focus on building a relationship with your audience.
  • Use images and video – Gen Y prefers content that is easy to digest. Pay attention to graphics, photos and videos in your social media strategy.
  • Bet on interaction – Millennials like to have an impact on what is happening online. Respond to their questions, comments and requests to build engagement and loyalty. Organize competitions and surveys, and show your brand from the inside.
  • Offer valuable content – Millennials pay attention to content that delivers value and solves problems. Try to provide content that is interesting and helpful to your audience.
  • Bet on mobile platforms – Members of the Y generation mainly use mobile devices, so your social media strategy should be adapted to this factor. Make sure that your content and ads are accessible and easy to read on smartphones and tablets.


Remember that the key to successfully communicating with Millennials on social media is understanding their online behaviour and preferences. Adjust your strategy to these preferences and you will certainly attract attention and build loyalty among this audience.


Millennials are just as open to paid advertising as any other generation. But it might not look like that if you can’t figure out what they’re looking for online. To create Google Ads ads that appeal to Millennials, keep the following in mind:

  • Millennials often compare available products – try to remember the intent of each keyword. For example, a user who searches for “best DSLR cameras” is probably looking for a camera. The audience looking for “best stock photos” may be in the photography industry, but they are certainly not looking for a camera. Before launching your campaign, make sure your ad is relevant to search intent.
  • Keep mobile devices in mind: Your paid ads should appear more often on mobile devices than on desktops. Given that mobile devices are beginning to dominate both Millennials and other age groups, it will be easier to find an audience that focuses on mobile advertising.


Millennials are a large and important audience for companies in the field of online marketing. To reach this group, strategies based on immediate value, social engagement, authenticity and providing valuable content should be used. It is also important to use social media and modern forms of communication (videos), as well as mobility and positive experiences. By doing so, you will build an engaged community of Millennials.

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