Irish Women’s Soccer Team Scores Big with Surge in Online Interest

Irish Women's Soccer Team Surge in Online Interest

Google Search Demand for Women’s Soccer in Ireland

With the highly anticipated 2023 Women’s World Cup commencing in Australia and New Zealand, the ePresence Digital Marketing Agency team took a look at the Google search demand for women’s soccer and the Irish team and this research unveiled fascinating insights into Ireland’s most popular players and the towns with the largest fan base.

Ireland’s Women’s National Team made their debut in the tournament against co-hosts Australia in a courageous 1-0 defeat. As the excitement builds ahead of Irelands’ remaining matches, ePresence has analysed digital search data to shed light on the rising interest in women’s football and the players capturing the nation’s attention.

Through meticulous research utilising Google keyword search volume data for Ireland and worldwide, we compiled an in-depth report. The findings have been derived from various tools, including Google Trends, Exploding Topics, and SEMRush, providing a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of women’s soccer.

The data reveals a staggering 5614% growth in searches for the keyword “Irish Women’s Football Team” over the past five years, illustrating the remarkable surge of interest in Ireland’s national team. Additionally, global searches for the FIFA Women’s World Cup have increased by 200% in the past 15 years, showcasing the escalating global enthusiasm for women’s soccer.

Exploding Topics Irish Womens Football Team
source: Exploding Topics

Growing Global Online Interest for the Women’s World Cup

Specifically, Google searches reached highs of 550K for the 2011 World Cup in Germany, 770K for the 2011 World Cup in Canada, and an impressive 3.9M for the 2019 World Cup in France. These figures emphasise the exponential growth in interest worldwide, highlighting the immense popularity of women’s soccer on a global scale.

Furthermore, Google Trends data confirms the unprecedented surge of interest in the Women’s World Cup. While the 2019 edition in France represented the peak popularity for searches of the “Women’s World Cup” keyword, the trendline for 2023 indicates a greater level of interest this year compared to any previous iteration of the tournament pre-2019.

Fifa Womens World Cup Google Trends
source: Google Trends

The Most Passionate Towns for Supporting Women’s Football In Ireland

Notably, the popularity of the search term “Women’s Irish Soccer Team” experienced a significant spike in Ireland in October, coinciding with the team’s qualification for the tournament, and peaked in June with the announcement of the squad. This surge in online searches reflects the immense pride and support for the team within Ireland.

In addition, ePresence Digital Marketing has identified the towns displaying the highest levels of enthusiasm for the Girls in Green. The towns of Dungarvan, Clonmel, Killarney, Wexford, and Ennis have demonstrated the most significant passion and support for the topic of Womens Association Football.

Towns with Most Interest in Womens Football
source: Google Trends

Ireland’s Most Popular Women’s Soccer Players

Delving into individual player searches, ePresence Digital Marketing has analysed monthly Google search data in Ireland, providing valuable insights into the players who have captivated the nation. The most searched players and their respective monthly search volumes:

  1. Katie McCabe – Ireland’s talismanic captain, leads the pack as the most popular player, with an impressive 9900 searches per month.
  2. Vera Pauw – Ireland Manager, has garnered significant attention as the second most searched individual, with 8100 monthly searches.
  3. Amber Barrett – The hero from Hampden, has captivated fans, earning her the position as the second most searched player with 2900 monthly searches.
  4. Denise O’Sullivan – As a midfield general has garnered considerable interest, with 2400 searches per month.

Rounding out the top five most searched players are Ruesha Littlejohn and Chloe Mustaki, with 1900 and 1600 monthly searches, respectively.

These search volumes reflect the strong connection between the players and the Irish audience, showcasing the tremendous support and curiosity surrounding the Women’s National Team.

Full Squad Search Figures:

Squad Member Monthly Search Volume
Katie Mccabe 9900
Vera Pauw 8100
Amber Barrett 2900
Denise O’Sullivan 2400
Ruesha Littlejohn 1900
Chloe Mustaki 1600
Aine O Gorman 1300
Courtney Brosnan 1300
Niamh Fahey 1000
Louise Quinn 1000
Abbie Larkin 880
Megan Connolly 720
Heather Payne 590
Lily Agg 480
Lucy Quinn 260
Claire O’Riordan 210
Sinead Farrelly 170
Harriet Scott 170

source: SEMRush


As Ireland continues on their World Cup journey, ePresence Digital Marketing’s research underscores the growing interest in women’s soccer, both domestically and globally. The remarkable surge in online searches and the identification of Ireland’s most popular players highlight the immense pride and excitement leading up to the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

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