The SEO world tends to have its own language, and it can be quite overwhelming to try to figure it all out.  For those of you out there in Dublin who want to pick up a few simple tips so that you can make your blog or website pop up a little higher on SEO rankings without losing your mind trying to navigate the SEO world, here is some great news.

There are some easy things that you can do to bump up your rankings, courtesy of SEO services in Dublin.

Focus on the Basics First

Before you worry about the technical SEO aspect of building your website, you need to focus on the basics.  Build a great website, and they will come.  Primarily, you need great content.  The content is what keeps readers coming back to your site.  You also need a well-designed site that is easy to use and attractive to look at.

You can achieve this by adding great-quality photos and other images.  Once readers are interested, they will continue to visit your site and share it with their friends if they feel like they are a part of a community.  You need to build a devoted following amongst those readers.  Finally, you need to engage in some shameless self-promotion.  Share your stuff on social media; it’s a great, easy way to reach a big audience.

Simple SEO Strategies

When you focus on the basics, your end product will naturally cover many of the SEO bases.  From there, you can employ some simple SEO strategies to help increase your SEO rankings.  Try these tips.

  1. Use internal links.  What is an internal link, you ask?  It’s simple.  When you create content that makes reference to another topic or product that is present elsewhere on your site, you make those words a link.  The user can click on the link and easily get more information on that topic without leaving your site.  The end goal is for the user to spend more time on your site, and not leave your site to look for more information elsewhere.  This is known as making your site sticky.  You want to keep users there instead of allowing them to bounce back to the search engine or another page.  If you don’t have relevant information to link to, use that information to direct you.  Consider creating new content to provide relevant links.
  2. Make your photos easy for search engines to read.  The best way to do this is to focus on your file names.  Don’t use a random number as a file name; instead, use a file name that actually describes the image.  This way, Google can recognize it as matching a keyword.  Along the same lines, you should also use photos and images that are relevant to your post.  Your photos and your keywords can work together to achieve high SEO rankings.
  3. Optimize your URL.  Just like filenames for photos shouldn’t contain random numbers, don’t use URLs that are full of random numbers.  Instead, your URL should contain keywords that identify the post.

These SEO basics will give you a good foundation for building a strong site that gets SEO results.  Could you use some help with your SEO practices in Dublin area?

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