There was a time, not so long ago, when social media and SEO were seen as two separate entities. Nowadays however it’s a completely different story and not only does search engine optimisation and social media go hand in hand, if used properly, the power of social media can have a significant impact on your rankings.

Let’s see how…

Finding content faster

Using popular social media platforms such as Twitter can actually help Google to find your content that much faster. In fact studies show that it cuts indexation time by as much as 50%. This is great if you want to spread the news quickly about your latest products or services. Not only this, when it comes to spidering your content, it’s been proven to take on average just 2 seconds from when you post a newsworthy piece of content to when the Google-bots come calling. This is opposed to 2 hours when posting content through non-social media channels.

Re-triggering content freshness

When content is shared, liked or re-tweeted it sends an immediate alert to the search engine that this content is interesting and fresh. This can have an instant effect on your rankings and can temporarily increase them. This is a great indication of how social media and SEO work hand in hand.

Making a connection

Social media is all about making connections and as a result rankings can be increased based on people connected to you. So go ahead and make that connection and watch your SEO ranking fly.

Consistent social media activity

Companies that continually post on popular social media platforms and actively engage with their followers/friends/fans are seen by the search engines as valuable and relevant to their readers. Because of their authority, Google recognises that and as a result will often increase a domain’s ability to rank well.

Author Authority

By becoming an authority author and creating a profile about yourself, you’re effectively telling the search engines that not only do you have a face, you consistently write great content. Using rel=’author’ Google can then track all your content across the web including social media . SEO then becomes easier as any content you write in the future should in theory rank higher than a nameless writer with no profile.

Followed Links and Social bookmarking

If you allow followed links on your blog or website, or have follow links to your site, it tells the search engines that you’re popular and this again will have some bearing on your search engine ranking.  In addition if your site is constantly bookmarked then this will have the same effect.

As you can see, social media can have a huge impact on where you rank, and if you can learn how to use it in conjunction with other SEO methods you will stand a far better chance of getting onto that hallowed first page.

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