When you’re running an advertising campaign for your business, it will be costing you both money and time, so it’s important to ensure that you get it right.

Did you know that the keywords you use in your text can be specifically chosen to ensure that those who click through are directed to a page relevant to their current interest level, enabling you to target them where they are and increase your chances of making a conversion?

It sounds technical, but it’s not rocket science, and the good news is that if you don’t have the time or inclination to become literate in Google AdWords, we can do it for you. Simply talk to us at ePresence and find out how we can maximise your advertising potential.


What Difference Do Keywords Make To Your SEO?

In short, keywords are crucial to conversions. If you want your ad to reach as many people as possible, and to have a high rate of conversion to sales, you would be wise to realise the benefits of Google AdWords. Looking carefully at the types of keywords you are using, and the likelihood of these leading to conversions, can make all the difference to your advertising success.


1. Keywords focused on buying. These keywords have the highest potential for sales conversions, since users searching for these keywords are usually already at the purchasing stage. Keywords that entice buyers at this stage often relate to persuaders such as free shipping, a special offer or discount, or a bonus free item included. Since these keywords are the most effective in generating conversions, they are the most expensive AdWords, and the most competitive in searches.


2. Product-focused keywords. Product-focused keywords are useful to people comparing products to find the best match for them at this stage. Words such as ‘best’, ‘cheap’, and ‘reviews’ are effective for those looking for further information regarding a product before they purchase. Directing these users to a comparison based content page is a great way to make use of these keywords.


3. Keywords that are information based. Potential customers who are at an early stage of the purchasing process often research specific aspects of products and seek more information about them. These can be utilised positively by linking to relevant and interesting blog content, and using this to increase your emailing list.


4. Noncommercial keywords. Some of the people searching for products like yours are unlikely to make successful sales, and non-commercial keywords are a clue to this. The use of the word ‘free’, for example, suggests a user who wants promotions and giveaways rather than having the intention to make purchases.


Whatever approach you decide to take to using AdWords, it’s vital to ensure that your advertising is flexible and designed to succeed. Conversions will increase when the sales funnel is properly designed so that, for example, those responding to ‘buying’ keywords are taken directly to a sales page, while those seeking informational terms are led to relevant information that may encourage them to proceed with a purchase.


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