Social Bookmarking for BusinessSocial bookmarking allows people to organize, manage, and share all of their bookmarked webpages. Bookmarked pages are stored online and can be accessed from any machine anywhere in the world. This offers obvious benefits for anyone who wishes to be able to access their favorite sites and pages quickly and easily without any restrictions, but social bookmarking can also be a useful internet marketing tool.

The availability of free social bookmarking software has resulted in thousands of social bookmarking sites becoming available, but for internet marketing and site promotion purposes netpreneurs are probably  better off restricting their activities to a few of the established (and Google ranked) social bookmarking sites. There are many of these, but the following list should provide a good starting point.

12 of the Best Social Bookmarking Sites (High Page Rank + DoFollow)

  1. Reddit   (PR 8)
  2. StumbleUpon   (PR 8)
  3. Tumblr   (PR 8)
  4. Delicious   (PR 8)
  5. FriendFeed   (PR 8)
  6. Digg   (PR 7)
  7. SlashDot   (PR 7)
  8. NewsVine   (PR 7)
  9. DesignFloat   (PR 7)
  10. Fark   (PR 7)
  11. Folkd   (PR 6)
  12. BlinkList   (PR 6)

How Can Social Bookmarking Assist Online Success?

That question can be answered in one word ‘promotion’. Social bookmarking sites are a great way for marketers to promote their sites, products, and services. They also allow other users to share and promote the marketers products.

Social Bookmarking for Webmasters

Social Bookmark libraries can provide sites with boosted page rank and increased levels of traffic. They can also improve the placement of sites in the SERPS, so it is important that webmaster creates quality sharable content and makes it as easy as possible for site visitors to bookmark their pages and share them with the world. There are many ways to do this, but the quickest and easiest way is probably to use a services like AddThis or ShareThis. These services enable quick and easy sharing across most of the main bookmarking services and social networks.

Social Bookmarking for Internet Marketers

Internet marketers may be promoting their own products and services or working as an affiliate. In either case they will want to get that product or service in front of as many people as possible and an effective social bookmarking campaign can, when utilized correctly, drive a tremendous amount of traffic to the internet marketer’s chosen site or page (from the bookmarking sites) and may also improve SERPS to provide extra generic traffic.